26 Jul

Student Housing Planet Article: Monarch 544

Coastal Carolina University’s enrollment grew 83% from 2001 to 2011. With on-campus housing providing less than 50% of the necessary housing for the incoming students, housing became essential to ensuring students had enough places to call home that allowed them to stay close to their classes.

“We saw an opportunity because Coastal Carolina University has grown in the last three years,” said Jourdan Manley, general manager for Monarch 544, one of the new complexes. “With [CCU’s] rapid growth and interest in retention, there’s a heavy need in the area for student housing. We saw that this year in leasing. We’re here to fill that need and provide to the community and college a different experience.”

Coastal Carolina University does not guarantee housing for upperclassmen, so students are left to fend for themselves when it comes to affordable apartments/townhouses close to the campus.

Monarch 544 consists of 128 apartments with 440 beds and is conveniently located off S.C. 544, just minutes from Coastal Carolina University and Horry Georgetown Technical College. Leases run from August 18th to July 31st. Rates begin at $610 for their four bedrooms and $650 for their two bedrooms. The apartments started filling up soon after they accepted the first application and they are currently 94% full.

With the development of Monarch 544, students had access to comfortable, convenient living and continue to appreciate the affordable, welcoming community.

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